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I wanted to create a series of paintings that portray the beauty of various endangered species and also raise awareness and money to help support the conservation of these beautiful animals.


The painting is created using mixed media, acrylic paint, and iridescent blue paint. 


The elegant snow leopard is one of the world’s most elusive cats. Sparsely distributed across 12 countries in Central Asia and the Himalayas, it’s usually found in high, rugged mountain landscapes at elevations of 3,000–4,500m.

There are thought to be as few as 4,000 Snow Leopards still living in the wild and they are at threat from poachers, loss of prey, and conflict with humans.

This painting includes a year's adoption of a snow leopard through the WWF. I will email you with the details and ask for your adoption type preference (adult or child).


60x80cm box canvas, ready to hang

Snow Leopard (60x80cm)

  • Tracked shipping

    Please allow 7 working days for dispatch

    I will include the tracking information in the order confirmation email

    (message me for international shipping) 

  • I can provide custom framing for an additional cost

    Please email or message me for a pricing quote

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