I am a 21 year old artist from Sheffield, UK.

I have loved art from a very early age and was always the ‘arty’ kid in school, I took art as a subject for GCSE and A-Level, then since finishing school I have worked as a pet portrait artist and spent time developing my artistic style.

The time I have spent as a pet portrait artist has helped me develop realism painting skills, learn different techniques, evolve my knowledge of colour theory, and also increase my confidence, allowing me to grow my business

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- Georgia


My inspiration comes from my love of animals and nature. I am lucky to live near the Peak District as I love to go hiking and I often feel very inspired after spending time outdoors. I also enjoy looking at wildlife photography of UK animals and different wildlife found around the world.

I have always been a massive animal lover; I love animals of all shapes and sizes. I’m fortunate to have always grown up with pets, mainly cats, and my obsession with domestic cats has developed into adoration of big cats too


"Going into 2021 and beyond, I want to create paintings that anyone can find meaning and connection with, that also have a deeper story behind them."



I aim to create art that is not only aesthetic, but also portrays the beauty of animals, exploring a variety of colour pallets and artistic techniques.

I try to create expressive paintings that portray aspects of human emotion within the animals I paint, allowing people to emotionally relate to the painting and form a connection.

Although I create paintings with a story and intention behind them, the abstract style leaves it open to interpretation, allowing people to discover their own, personal meaning

"I think it’s important to remember that the beautiful animal in the painting isn’t just something for us to aesthetically appreciate."

As well as creating art, donating to charitable causes is an important part of my artistic journey. With my larger original paintings, I include a personal one-year adoption of the animal featured.



I incorporate aspects of abstract and realism in my work, focusing on how the animals blend with the background to create a beautiful, cohesive result.

I enjoying expressing the beauty and capturing the personality of animals while also having the creative freedom to explore colour and different painting techniques

The various elements, colours and layers in my work result in paintings that are visually pleasing and intriguing, but also communicate the deeper story and meaning to each piece.

"My paintings consist of many layers of paint, similarly to how the painting has layers of meaning, story and intention"