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colourful pet paintings made for you


Single pet portrait

30 x 40 cm


40 x 50 cm


50 x 60 cm


60 x 75 cm


Double pet portrait

These canvas sizes are slightly wider, allowing two pet portraits to comfortably fit onto one canvas.

30 x 45 cm


40 x 60 cm


50 x 75 cm


60 x 90 cm


For paintings with more than two pets, please contact me to discuss sizes and pricing.


canvas type

The paintings can be done on canvas panel or box canvas. They are both 100% cotton surfaces and have the same texture, but they are displayed differently.

Canvas panel

3mm thickness

It can be framed using a standard, ready-made, shop bought frame.

Alternatively, I can frame it in a custom frame prior to sending.

jackson art black float frame.jpg

Box canvas

35mm thickness

They don't require framing and come ready to hang on your wall.

If you would like it framing I can provide a custom-made floater frame which gives art the illusion of floating inside the frame without touching it, creating an interesting visual detail and a sense of depth.

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