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For this painting, I wanted to have some fun with it and try different colours and techniques. With a lot of my paintings I create a very detailed concept drawing before starting, but this time I started with the background first and then added different elements wherever felt right, building up layers and creating some detailed sections, while leaving other parts more simple.


The different colours and elements in the background represent how everyone has such a busy, cluttered mind, but humans are mesmerised by other people's brains, we don't see them as messy, we're just intrigued by what the rest of the world is thinking.  Much like the painting, the closer people get to you, the more little details they discover and the more beauty they find.


I like how as the viewer looks closely at all the details, the leopard is staring right back.



60x80cm box canvas, ready to hang

Mesmerised (60x80cm)

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