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I used a random colour picker to choose the colours I would use in this painting to allow myself to  get out of my comfort zone and try painting with a combination of colours I wouldn't usually use together


I ended up using a mix of the 3 tertiary colours, purple, orange and green

Although the colours and very different, they're mostly warm tones and they all work well together. The different shades allowed me to create depth on the highland cow, using the lighter shades for Highlights to accentuate the beautiful curls in the hair, and also create a Contrasting background against the horns

This painting shows that although things, such as colour, may be very different, they can work harmoniously together to create something beautiful.


40x50cm canvas board, includes a custom black frame

(please message or email me regarding an alternative frame colour)

Harmonious (40x50cm)

  • Tracked shipping

    Please allow 7 working days for dispatch

    I will include the tracking information in the order confirmation email

    (message me for international shipping) 

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